March 2, 2016

Confession: I’m pretty bad at watching TV.

My life is a constant cycle of people telling me about shows that I should watch, and me dishonestly telling them that I’ll watch the shows. At this point, most of my friends know what the deal is, and have since stopped trying to convince me to watch things, but every once in a while, I encounter a person with a suggestion that I don’t have the heart to shut down. And since “I don’t care” usually isn’t received well, I just assure them that I’ll “check it out”, and continue on with my life. Am I a horrible person? Probably. Do I have any immediate plans to change? No.

So how then, do I get my daily supply of entertainment if my TV habits are basically nonexistent? Podcasts. Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. I have a group of them that I keep up with on a regular basis, and for me, they’re easier to commit to since I can listen to them while I’m doing virtually anything else.

One that I’m especially into at the moment is Millennial, which a good friend of mine suggested to me a few months ago. Host Megan Tan started the show last year, initially as a way to chronicle her post-graduation struggles. The show ended up taking off, and now she manages it with the help of a team, and uses it to tell stories of other millennials and their attempts at navigating “the real world”. Admittedly, there have been times when I found Megan to be a bit insufferable difficult, but ultimately I applaud her transparency, and her dedication to creating a one-of-a-kind program like this one.

Overall, it’s an easy listen, and with episodes that rarely ever hit the 30-minute mark, you can get through them pretty quickly without sacrificing your whole life like you did when you binge-watched that horrible show about zombies.


Do you guys listen to podcasts? I’m always looking for new shows to get into, so hit me with some suggestions  Also, check out the list below to find out more about others podcasts that I enjoy.





Last Name Basis

The Read

Serial (Season 1)



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