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8 Hopes For Kanye’s New Album.

June 2, 2015
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So unless you’ve been under a rock, or just living a more fulfilling life than the rest of us, then you’ve probably heard the latest Kanye rumors.

Basically, sources are claiming that Ye’s upcoming album-tentatively titled SWISH-is set to drop on June 8th, via Apple’s new streaming service. The service-which is also slated to drop this month as a rebranding of the Beats Music service-is expected to have some significant star power behind it, hence the Yeezy rumor.

Truth be told, I’m taking this all with a grain of salt, but for the sake of fun, I decided to list 8 of my hopes for this new album, to coincide with the alleged release date.

Let’s get into it.


1.) Please don’t give us any Big Sean features

I know that this is almost impossible, given the relationship between Kanye and Ariana Grande’s ex, but I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally pray that Big Sean won’t be on this album.

Granted, I don’t hate him when he’s on songs with other artists, but of the many things that I hope to see on this album, “featuring Big Sean” isn’t one of them.


2.) Please don’t let SWISH be the title of this album

This is kind of petty, but I really don’t care for SWISH as a working title.

A song? Sure. The whole album? No.


3.) Please give us a Drake feature…or three.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Drake is supposed to be on the ever-elusive “Wolves” track with Sia and Vic Mensa, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I just really hope that he has more than one feature on the album. Let him sing a hook, rap a verse, or read a McDonald’s order over a beat. I’m not too picky.


4.) Please give us dope album art

I don’t know much about DONDA, nor am I convinced that it doesn’t consist of young artists that Yeezy has trapped in a dungeon somewhere, but I hope that they get the album art right this time around.

I hated the Yeezus “””cover art”””, and the “All Day” artwork was pretty lackluster as well. Now, they do have track record for producing a few dope pieces for other artists, so I hope that the slaves  team over at DONDA gives us something good for this album.


5.) Please give us good music videos

I don’t want for this to turn into a “Everything That I Hated About Yeezus” post, but one of the many gripes that I had with the Yeezus era was the music video situation. We only got two real videos from that album, and to this day, I wouldn’t recommend watching either of them.

I don’t necessarily need another short film this time around, but I really do hope that Kanye gives us good visuals for some of these songs, or even all of them if he’s feeling like Beyoncé.


Speaking of Mrs. Carter…


6.) Please let there be a Beyoncé feature

If you don’t count “Lift Off” from Watch The Throne, then “See Me Now” from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the only time that Queen Bey graced a Kanye album. I mean, they’re basically family, so I don’t feel like this is too much to ask for.


7.) Please let the alleged Rihanna x Kanye tour happen

If Kanye goes on tour to promote this album like I know that he will, then I hope that the rumors of this Kanye x Rihanna joint tour falling apart turn out to be false.

It’s being reported that Rihanna dropped out because she feared that Kanye might try to take over the whole venture. Valid concern, RiRi, but but c’mon. If the rumor is true, then it’ll be the second joint tour of Kanye’s that never saw the light of day.

*pours one out for the Fame Kills Tour*


8.) Please don’t let this album drop on Apple’s streaming service

First and foremost, I would just really appreciate being able to give Kanye my money the old fashioned way, and not having to stream this album before being able to add it to my iTunes library.

But then there’s also Tidal. Remember that streaming service that Kanye’s big brother, Jay Z acquired? The one that him and countless other celebrities told us would somehow make the world a better place?


Well it goes without saying that Jay has a lot invested in that venture, and as weird as it sounds, I feel like Kanye giving Apple the hookup on this album might cause an unnecessary strain on that rap brotherhood. I’m low-key praying that we’ll get Watch The Throne 2 before Jay Z gets an AARP card, so I’m really hoping that Kanye doesn’t do Jay like that.



Give me enough time, and I can probably come up with about 80 more things that I want from this era, but none of us have the time for all of that. I’m just really expecting a lot from this project since I truly haven’t anticipated a Kanye album in this way since I was waiting for 808s & Heartbreak to drop. I don’t expect a(nother) flop from Yeezy, but my standards are way higher this time around because I’m confined that he can-and will-do better.

Have any personal hopes and dreams for this album? Just feel like venting your frustrations concerning that horrid Billboard Award performance? Feel free to comment below with all of that!


Until next time…




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